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Free Live Class

Get Ready for
The Bergen Academies
 Admission Test

The Content:

  1. Overview of the BCA Admission Process.

  2. Most Important Math Hacks for the BCA Test.

  3. Most Important Essay Hacks for the BCA Test.

  4. Study Tips for The BCA Test.

  5. Test Day Tips for The BCA Test.


Get ready for the Bergen County Admission Test this year!




Self Paced Online Course


The Content:

  1. Approximately 20 Hours of Video

  2. Over 250 Math Practice Questions

  3. Approximately 10 Practice Essays

The Course Covers:

  1. An overview of the admissions process.

  2. All the tested Math concepts.

  3. Math shortcuts and tricks.

  4. Basics of Essay Writing.

  5. Most practice problems and tests released by the Bergen Academies in the past 8 years.

  6. Essays from BCA tests from previous years.

  7. The new Math tests to be released next year in my newest book for the BCA admission test.

  8. The new Essays to be released next year in my newest book for the BCA admission test.



Course Access:

You will have access to the course till test day regardless of when you enroll.


Prices & Fees:

The cost for the entire course is $600.

Please pay HERE.

Your payment is your registration.


Cancellation Policy:

Unfortunately, we do not accept cancellations and do not offer any refunds.

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